Jurgen Demeyere

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JD´s Roadliner Band

The Roaders :


Bass and Upright Bass
"The Don" ; "Hop-along Clint"

Distinguishable features: 
Black Moustache that won't come off.

Wanted For:
"Slappin' basses all over the world, assault with a deadly string.

Last seen: 
Crossing The Canalls of Ghent in a schooner made from scrap bass parts.

Mr. Watson

"The Animal" ; Mr.Watt"

Distinguishable features:
A huge Metronome tattoo on his chest.

Wanted for: 
Making highly disturbing noise at Nasa!  (Even Hubble crasht during his drumsolo...)

Last seen: 
Near "The East Flanders" in a bassdrum.


Sound and P.A.
"Mr.Knob" ; "Turning Pat"

Distinguisable features:
Born with fingertips as knobs.

Wanted for:
Twisiting knobs at doorbells and pulling cables across countries.

Last seen:
Somewhere in a flightcase producing DB's by ticking on the cover.