Jurgen Demeyere

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 Demeyere Hot Rod Bass available models :


The Clintster Hot Rod 


All Guitars are custom built in  JD´s atelier/shop:

We only use the highest quality materials and every custom guitar is built to your specs!

We built guitars since 2010 and with our experience we make sure your custom built is top notch!

Guitars are built in our atelier to your specific specs and demands!

Almost everything is possible. From 18K gold plated hardware to Zyrconium dots or any possible color!

How we work:

When you live or are in our neighberhood you can visit us on appointment.

For international orders overseas we can work with Skype and we will mail you everything through.

When you contact us, we first provide you a list with all possibilites!  

Whats on the list :

From wood choices for the body and neck to fretting materials, Color schemes, Pickup choice, wiring, hardware, etc...

We also work with the brand of your choice for pickup and hardware!

When you return us your list we´ll calculate the price for your project and send it back to you with a building contract.

When you have signed your project contract and send it back to us within 14 days, we ask 50% of the total project amount in advance! 

We will only start building your guitar or bass when we received the 50% because it´s a custom built and it´s impossible for us to sell your project to someone else if you decide not to go through with it!

How long will it take :

It can take up to 8 months maximum before your guitar or bass is ready. We don´t rush things and want only deliver the best to you!

When your guitar or bass is almost ready we´ll send you a mail to let you know when its ready.

Of course during the building process we will regulary contact you how things are going!

How do you get your custom guitar or bass when finished :

If it´s not possible to come over and get your guitar or bass yourself we will ship it to you!

For international shipping we only ship with FEDEX and insurance! Keep in mind you´ll need to pay shipping and taxes for import!

If nessecary we will be happy to check the import taxes for your country for you.

Warranty :

Demeyere Guitars offers a 10 year warranty on your built instrument!

If you would like more info 

or if you would like to place an order 

for a custom built Demeyere  Guitar contact us at:

[email protected]