Jurgen Demeyere

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              About JD

Jurgen started playing guitar at the age of five.
He was unable to hold it properly but his parents decided they would first try with some  lessons and see how it would go.
At age 11 Jurgen started his first band 'The Young Byrds". 
A couple of years later The Young Byrds had a record out in Belgium and JD's musical story continued... 
They had performances all over the country and a tour couldn't be left out!
After 2 years of touring The Young Byrds decided it was time for something else! 
Some of the band members have quit playing music and others started a new band.
Jurgen started with a new band and changed the old name Young Byrds into the New Byrds. 
In his search for a new bass player he had a call from Mr.Bobby Setter that he found a new bass player for the band. 
This is where Rudy came in! At the present Rudy is still playing the bass for The Roadliner Band.
It's more than 20 years now J.D. and Rudy are noodlin' around!

In 2004 The Roadliner Band participated at the SCPO Awards where they  won the SCPO award as "Best Country Band" . 

JD and his Band started touring with several overseas artists. A couple of years later Jurgen decided to tour alone with his band and started to write new songs for a own album...

2013 :
JD received his first Music Award at the Beverly Hills Music Akademia ,Los Angeles  for ¨Best Album¨ with his first intrumental CD: ¨On The Road¨!
After this achievement JD started working on another Album : ¨Cruisin´ Around¨
JD´s instrumental ¨Guitartrain¨ was chosen for BBC´s Radio program ¨Guitar Club´'and ¨A Tribute to the Man With The Jazz Guitar ¨
One year later JD received again with this album The Akademia Music Award  as ¨Best Instrumental Album¨  at Los Angeles - Beverly Hills.
His Album ¨Cruisin´ Around¨ also received attention from UK´s Rock Magazine : ¨Pipeline Instrumental Rock Magazine¨ 
where they wrote an article about JD and reviewed his album.

2015 :
After 3 instrumental Albums Jurgen started writing on a vocal album in collaboration with his friend Wayne Parham.
The Album ¨I Remember You¨ was born! After several interviews on radio and on Blues.gr the album was launched!
¨I Remember You¨ gaines a lot of airplay around the Globe and online streaming services.
The album can be found on iTunes/Google Music/Spotify/Shazam/Sony Music/Amazon and many more!
(Links for listening at online streaming services can be found on this site under the TAB ¨Music¨)

2017 :
JD and Wayne are curently working  on the next album for 2017...! 
Just keep an eye open on this site and media for the new album release!!
2018 ;
JD is working on new songs for release on all music platforms!
Keep an eye open on this site and media for the new  song´s release!!
Jurgen also works as a session player, a guest or freelance with other artists. 
Playing with different musicians and music styles JD's playing became a mixture of Classical pickin' style and modern
hybrid pickin' with Country-,Blues-,Rock- and Jazz influences. 

Through the years Jurgen has worked with: 
Jimmy Lawton (US) and Steward Barnes (UK), Keely, Lucky Jordan, Phil Young, Jurby Gibson, Bobbejaan Schoepen, 
Ruud Hermans (NL), Nicole en Hugo, De Planckaerts (VTM), Bart Peeters, Ronny Mosuse, Bandit, and many others..

Some of his main influences are:
Jerry Reed, James Burton,Hank Marvin,Arlen Roth, Albert Lee, Mark Knopfler, 
Danny Gatton, Brent Mason, Roy Buchanan, George Benson,
Jeff Beck, Jerry Donahue, Will Ray,  John Jorgenson, Brian Setzer,Jim Heat, ..etc...