Jurgen Demeyere

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2018 January:
JD is recording a instrumental that will soon be released and available at online
music providers!  He also is working on a new album!

Happy New Year From JD and the band!

´On The Road´ CD SOLD OUT!
JD´s awarded album ¨On The Road¨ is sold out!
But...we still have  2 cd´s left as giveaways !!!
How you can make a chance to win one 
will be announced on March 19th on JD´s FB Fanpage!!
You can visit JD´s page HERE

NEW : Join JD´s Official Street Team NOW!
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Guestbook/Blog removed!
We are very sorry and hated to do this but we´ve deleted the blog page
due to the many SPAM that was posted by companies and individuals who wanted to sell their products or SCAM posts!
So for our fans safety we removed the page...Sorry!
We´ll try to find another way in the future for posting your fan reactions!

*JD is working on a new Album for 2018!
After the succes of his album ¨ I Remember You ¨ JD has started  recording for his new album 2018! 
Again there will be songs on this new album in collaboration with his friend Wayne Parham.
¨ I Remember You¨ receives high ratings on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music! 

JD´s albums available in the U.S. !
JD´s physical albums are now available for purchase in the US through DWM Music Company - USA!!
Check it out here at: DWM-Music Company 

There is exciting news coming up but we´ll reveal the news when the proper time is there!
Keep posted on this news page!

For Amazon CD purchase :

* From now on you can find on this site:
J.D.'s band: The Roadliner Band  and  J.D.'s Custom Shop: "Demeyere Guitars" 

* Listen to JD's new album on Earbits Free Online Radio!

* JD's new album available online in all online Music Stores!
Download "I Remember You" on iTunes here !

*Interview on Real Time Music Radio!
Listen to a LIVE recorded interview on Real Time Music Radio with Wayne Parham regarding the new upcoming release for the CD!! 
Listen at www.rt-music.net
note: you first have to make a free login before you can download the interview on your Mac or PC!
 Then scroll down to "Archived Shows" ,click this and you'll find the interview for download at #159!

*J.D is working on his new CD for release 2015
Jurgen is working on a new CD to be released in 2015.
This time no full instrumental album because J.D. feels it is time for a vocal album!
We can't tell you much yet because we do not want to ruin the surprise but it will be awesome!!!
You will be informed through our social media and websites a month before the release.
So, stay tuned or check us out ( and "Like us") on FB or Twitter!
Always welcome ;-)  !!

* #1 on The Los Angeles Radio KXRL!!
This is so awesome, I could not believe it!!!!
J.D's instrumental "A Little 2 late" #1 on Los Angeles Radio KXRL!!
Thank you very much to all Los Angeles listeners and fans !!!!

Jurgen received again the "Akademia Music Award" 2014  (Beverly Hills/ California)!

Los Angeles Music Award 2014!
Jurgen received from the "Los Angeles Akademia Music Awards" the Akademia music award for best instrumental album with "Cruisin' Around" !!

"A HUGE THANK YOU word to the the Beverly Hills  Akademia Music Awards for this 2nd award and thank you to all my fans, friends and family for your support through the years!

Thank you for Radio Airplay at KXRL-Radio Los Angeles!!
"A little 2 late!" ( CD "On The Road") on KXRL-Radio Los Angeles !!

JD´s Album "Cruisin' Around" reviewed on UK's Pipeline Instrumental Rock Magazine !
"Thanks Alan for this wonderful CD review in your Winter issue of "Pipeline Instrumental Magazine"!
Link to Pipeline Magazine web site:   http://www.pipelinemag.co.uk/

Jurgen's new album released October 2013!!
                   (available on iTunes: "Cruisin' around")
"Cruisin' around"

J.D.'s new instrumental album "Cruisin' Around" is  influenced by Rockabilly - Surf - and Twang music. His playing style is again a perfect match with these  genres! The album title says it all, this is an album for  cruising around and enjoying your ride! The album starts with "Mariachi Land", to enjoy the  Summer sun, cocktails and beaches! From Rockabilly /Boogie to Surf with songs like: "Rock the Boogie" ; "Rocket-55" ; "Dark Desert Road"  and many more as to end with "Aloha Beach" a smooth  relaxing instrumental! Check it out on iTunes and you will be tempted! 

* Jurgen 's instrumental "Guitartrain"   on "Guitar Club 2012" -Ken Sykora radio station!
In honor of Ken Sykora (BBC radio: "The Man with the Jazz Guitar") J.D.'s "Guitartrain" airplay. 
You can listen to the program here: